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Women's Issues

Our society places unrealistic expectations on women, which guide the ways in which women act, feel and think. From a young age women are taught to take care of others, putting everyone else first and internalizing their emotions. Women are the primary caretakers of the family unit, allotting little to no time for themselves or their own self-care. Counselling explores how this socialization has impacted women's lives and helps women to find balance between themselves and their families. Counselling can also help women to work through the feelings of guilt or shame that arise as a result of this shift in being.

How Counselling Can Help With Women's Issues

Other issues that counselling can help women work through are coping with menopause or peri menopause, self-esteem, boundaries, co-dependence, relationship issues, parenthood or single parenthood. All these issues are explored from a feminist perspective, utilizing a client-centered model.