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Self Esteem

Self-esteem is how you feel about your self and your life. It impacts everything we think, say and/or do. It also impacts how we see the world and how others see us in the world, therefore, how they treat us. Self-esteem can affect the choices we make, path our lives will take, and who we choose to share our lives with. It impacts the ability to give and receive love.

Low self-esteem is more common than most people realize, however, there can be good and bad feeling days. People struggle with low self-esteem for many reasons, like family history, internalized cultural and social messages, problematic childhoods, and issues of belonging, stigmatization and peer relations.

Low self-esteem impacts many areas of a person's life. People with low self-esteem do not experience life as fulfilling. Low self-esteem can impede someone from pursuing his or her dreams, using his or her voice to communicate thoughts and feelings, intimacy issues, issues of self-medication with food, drugs or alcohol, easily taken advantage of, and poor boundaries.

Indicators of low self-esteem include:

How Counselling Can Help With Self Esteem

Counselling can help to build self-esteem and/or a stronger sense of self by helping to accept who you are, realizing your potential, understand and align yourself with your values, respect yourself, know your strengths and limitations, trust your thoughts and intuition, set realistic goals, foster independence, develop a support system or supportive relationships, develop skills that empower you.