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The capacity to set limits is essential to feeling good about ourselves as well as having the ability to take care of ourselves. Boundaries help us to have a sense of self, control the impact of reality on others and our self by keeping people from coming into our space and abusing us, keeping us from going into the space of others and abusing them, and giving us a way to represent who we are. They are essential to healthy, happy relationships as they help us to control how we allow people to treat us.

If you are feeling beaten down, angry, resentful, depressed, violated, used, overworked you may have boundary issues. Relationships feel enmeshed or invaded, controlled or controlling.

Developing boundaries means learning to say no, I don't want to, stop trying to control everything, stop taking responsibility for others problems or mistakes, and respect others for who they are and their values. The purpose of having boundaries is to take care of our self. It is the vital part of learning to respect and love our self. It provides the opportunity to discover who we are and what are values are.

How Counselling Can Help With Boundaries

Counselling can help you to develop healthy boundaries, assertiveness skills, better communication, and healthier relationships. Through exploring the origin of unhealthy boundaries and learning how interact within the world without being trampled or trampling on others is part of the healing process.