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About TLC - Counselling Consulting Coaching

Terri Lynn Smith M.A. R.C.C.

"There's nothing wrong with being happy until the moment you are not."

Terri Lynn Smith brings more than 10 years of counselling and field experience contained in a philosophy of building therapeutic relationships, trust, dignity, and mutual respect. Combined with her academic background of a Bachelor's degree with majors/minors in psychology, sociology, and women's studies and a Master's in Counselling Psychology, Terri brings a balance of practicality and natural compassion to her professional treatment of others.

Whether it is your first time approaching counselling support or you need to revisit or add to the results of past assistance, Smith's vast knowledge and on-the-ground experience means that no issue is too big or too small; she works with each client as an individual, resolving problems and sorting through past and present issues to move forward at each patient's pace.

Areas of Specialization include:

Terri Lynn Smith's open and professional style of communication offers treatment with no bias, regardless of client background, current experiences, and cultural mores; she is someone you can trust to care enough to pursue details with due diligence and empathy. As much as you want to work on complications or crises for yourself, your partner, your children, your family, Terri will match your intentions and encourage your progress with optimistic energy and practical advice as to how to proceed.

First Time Seeking Counselling:

It is important for you to find the right Counsellor to solidify changes in your life.

Everybody Should Seek Counselling at some point in their life:

If you are ready to get things done for yourself, to change and improve the direction of your life and increase your capacity for success, Terri Lynn Smith will provide excellent support for you to achieve your goals, whatever they may

TLC offers a FREE 30 minute telephone consultation.

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